Monday 3/07/2017

Museums and People with Visual Impairments: the case of the BaGMIVI project

Moderator: Vassilis Argyropoulos

  • Current and future trends in museums regarding visitors with disabilities: the case of visitors with visual impairments

Vassilis Argyropoulos, Magda Nikolaraizi, Charikleia Kanari and Sofia Chamonikolaou

  • Interactions between a gallery, university and special school for visually impaired in providing access to ancient and contemporary art: the Bulgarian case

Mira Tzvetkova-Arsova, Vladimir Radoulov, Margarita Tomova, Rumiana Ioneva, Rositsa Chisheva and Emanuela Stoilova

  • The cooperation of university, museum and special school for adapting the environment and creating new educational opportunities for children with visual impairment in museums: the Hungarian case

Krisztina Kovács, Beáta Prónay, Erzsébet Szűcs and Ágnes Somorjai

  • Empowering people with visual impairments to visit museums by developing differentiated educational programs

Andrea Hathazi, Adrian Rosan, Tudor Salagean and Tekla Totszegi

  • Bridging theory and practice in developing inclusive practices in museum: The Greek case

Vassilis Argyropoulos, Magda Nikolaraizi, Charikleia Kanari, Sofia Chamonikolaou, Marina Plati, Eleni Markou and Betty Leotsakou