On 26 and 27 January 2017 in EXPO hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, a national conference with international participation under the BaGMIVI project of Erasmus+ program was held.

It was entitled “Access to Art for the Visually Impaired People”. It gathered together 60 participants from all over Bulgaria and abroad, among them:  

- Representatives from the Ministry of Education;

- University staff members;

- Special education teachers from the two special schools for blind in Bulgaria, and regular teachers;

- Representatives from the National Associations of Resource teachers;

- Museum and gallery staff members from few Bulgarian museums and galleries;

- University students;

- NGO representatives;

- Foreign guests – a professor from the University of Skopje and a special education teacher from Serbia    etc. 

There were 9 papers presented in the two conference days, followed by discussions.


Most of the conference participants


University students – members of the secretariat of the conference


Before one of the conference sessions


The first plenary session


One of the conference speakers